A new AWS cloud based incentive programme for HTC.

Gencia were tasked with engaging MNO & MVNO retail sales staff anytime and anywhere and incentivise them to sell more HTC smartphones. Speed, ease of use and robust data capture were key requirements.

Gencia designed and developed a bespoke, AWS cloud-hosted digital retail partner training & engagement hub where staff received points (for taking product knowledge tests successfully) in order to earn rewards. Participants received & redeemed rewards on their smartphones securely using Gencia’s bespoke mobile-based reward redemption system.

HTC Europe engaged over 55% of the UK’s mobile retail footprint on the system and achieved 36% growth in year-on-year handset sales.

Gencia delivered on everything they promised and more. They managed to provide us with an easy to use and robust system in an incredibly short time frame. Their knowledge, skill and professionalism has been widely praised across the business.
James Atkins - Marketing Director